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Udaipur is without any difficulty can be accessible from each and every leading cities of the country counting Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahemdabad and Jaipur and thus travelling to Udaipur is not a trouble.

By Air

Udaipur Airport specifically known as Maharana Pratap Airport is a small airport and is located near Dabok at a distance of 22 kms from the city of Udaipur. Several domestic airlines connect with all the chief metropolis of India including Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. There are some of the regular flights operating to and from Udaipur. Few airlines like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways and Air Deccan that provide regular air services to the city of Udaipur are considered to be the cheapest one.

To make your flight a pleasurable experience, the airport is put up with all the facilities like prepaid taxi counter, tourist information centre, tea/coffee counter, ISD/ STD/ PCO, handicraft emporium and many others small type stalls.

By Rail

The Railway Station is located at a comfy distance from Udaipur. Rajasthan Railways connects Udaipur station with other cities of Rajasthan as well as India. There are common trains which function to and from Udaipur connecting Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi.

By Road

Udaipur is also well attached by road. Superb motorway systems make certain that people enjoy a stress and hassle free drive; this means of travelling is reasonably trouble-free and cost-effective. Rajasthan Roadways gives the provision of Deluxe Buses and AC coaches for the ease of passengers.

Best time to visit: Winters

Udaipur, an exceptionally admired tourist destination acknowledged for its olden times was founded in 1553 by Maharana Udai Singh, and also known for its tradition and culture, charming locations and the Rajput era fortress.

The town was reputably known as the new capital of the Mewar kingdom, near the Gujarat border, located in the southern region of Rajasthan. The area consists commonly of prominent raised ground and has immense stretches of lush and productive plains roofed with rocks, hills and thick and solid jungle.

The capital does not have a planned sewerage scheme and provision for the solid wastes and sewage generated. With a nonexistence of squandered segregation and no disposal facilities, the city’s loch has been facing augmented height of smog and fumes, in that way intimidating and environmental degradation.

Amongst the various lakes in Udaipur, five of the key lakes have been incorporated beneath the re-establishment project of the National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) of the Government of India in order to protect the sanitation of the water bodies in the city. These are:

These are:

  • Fateh Sagar Lake
  • Pichola Lake
  • Swaroopsagar
  • Rangsagar
  • Doodh Talai Lake

A magnificent town that had been the capital of Mewar rulers from centuries is the romantic city. Chittorgarh was the preceding capital of the Rajput Empire of Mewar. Maharana Udai Singh was an heir of the Sisodias, who contend to be the genealogy of the Sun God. The Sisodias are alleged to be the oldest decree folks in the World. Among the combatant clans, Sisodias are renowned as the most authoritative ones in Rajasthan. The other grounds for shifting the capital from Chittorgarh to Udaipur was regular assail of enemies.

During the year 1568, Chittorgarh was bothered by the Mughal emperor, Akbar and in addition to ward off this hazard; Udai Singh moved the entire realm to Udaipur. Udaipur was, of course, secure under the defences made by Aravalli Hills. Ever since then, urbanised into a full-fledged city. Gradually while the Mughal Empire destabilised, the Sisodias reasserted their liberty. They evoked largely the parts of Mewar ruling out the Chittorgarh-Fort.

Udaipur continued to be the capital of Mewar, till it turns out to be the sizable state of British India in 1818. When India got autonomous in 1947, the Maharaja of Udaipur decided to approve the place to the Government of India. At that time, Mewar was combined into the state of Rajasthan. In the current time, It has the benefit of a constructive position on the maps of Rajasthan. City is identified for its charming and striking environs and its imperial history. Assorted primaeval tombstone, enormous palaces, architectural temples and stunning lakes enthral citizens to visit the prehistoric land of the royals./

Places To See in Udaipur


Top 5 Lakes in Udaipur

If you are lakes lover then Udaipur is a perfect destination for your vacation. Udaipur Also known as “City of Lakes”. Most of the lakes are interconnected to each other and well managed by the government of Rajasthan.

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Forts & Monuments

Forts & Monument in Udaipur

Maharana Uday Singh begins the structure of the palace but the following Maharanas further added quite a few places and constructions to the compound retained an amazing consistency to the designed creation. The entrance to the Palace is from the Hati Pol, the Elephant gate.

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Royal Accommodation

Royal stay in Udaipur

Udaipur is an affectionate land with the surroundings of lush green mount and water. Every year folks from different countries visit this beautiful city of lakes. Even the believers from all over the world visit the sanctified places of Udaipur and the nearby areas. There is no complexity concerning lodgings, for a comfy stay, there are copious places and furthermore, it is easily available.

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Famous Temples

Famous Temples in Udaipur

The word ‘Temple’ itself fetches a sense of worship in the brains. A tour to any destination doesn’t always mean travelling around the famous places, but many people do come to explore something incredible that has a religious appeal also. The temples in Udaipur are famed for their prominent structural design and sacred nature. The temples foretell the artistic aspect of Udaipur.  The gracious kings of Udaipur had at all times been a great believer of religion.

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Famous Gardens in Udaipur

The Garden city of Rajasthan, Udaipur, is considered as one of the top most romantic city, with the background of charming lakes and flourishing green gardens, appeals to the imaginative sense of any viewer.The garden conveys a sense of break in the epoch of tangible tropical forests. In the long-gone ages, the leaders of Udaipur planned a few gardens & parks to stay closer to natural world and peacefulness. The tropical climate along with the lakes makes it probable to generate gardens that are really bright green recoil in the dried out lands of Rajasthan.

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Museums in Udaipur

The chief element of the fortress is now conserved as a museum exhibiting a huge and varied collection of historical objects. Down steps from the entry are the arsenal museum reveals a huge compilation of defensive gear, arms as well as the deadly two-pronged sword weapon.

The City Palace museum is then being entered all the way through the Ganesh Deori,  meaning the door of Lord Ganesh and this leads to the way to the Rajya Angan, the imperial court. The rooms of the fortress are splendidly highlighted with mirror tiles and artworks.

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