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Nearest railway station: Aluva about 108 km and Angamali, about 109 km
Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, via Aluva – Munnar Rd, about 108 km


Munnar is an ideal holiday destination almost throughout the year. Here we provide you month wise break-up of the weather of Munnar so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

December to February: By far the best time to visit Munnar, the minimum temperature drops to 100 Celsius and is just right for a vacation or a honeymoon. Do carry woollens as the evenings can get quite cold. Good time for adventure to enjoy activities such as rock climbing, trekking.

March to May: March month is the beginning of summer in Munnar, the temperature ranges from 190 Celsius to 350 Celsius. Best time to enjoy sightseeing and visiting tea estates. Carry light cottons during the summer months.

June to September: Monsoons in Munnar have a charm of their own and is a great time to visit the hill station. Do carry an umbrella or raincoat along.

Thinking of some thrill, excitement and adventure? Then let’s pack your bag and come to Munnar, the ideal destination for the adventurous fan, honeymooners, and wildlife and nature lovers!! As you will approach towards the destination, you will sense obvious that you were heading towards some extraordinary experience.

Munnar is counted amongst one of the most amazing hill stations situated in the God’s Own Country, Kerala, the State famous for its accepted beauty and lush plants and trees and is one of the hottest place among holiday-makers and is reasonably well-liked by the newly-wed couples as their honeymoon destination in INDIA.

It is basically a tea-town set at an altitude of approx 6000 feet above sea level in the Idukki district of Kerala and is nuzzled in between the confluence of three mountain streams – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundilla.

Munnar is popular for many things like its tea estates, spices like cardamom plantations, mountains, waterfalls and striking varieties of vegetation, not to forget to mention about the ‘Neelakurinji’, the interesting flora found in the town that adds the beauty to nature and in fact will double the beauty as the hills and valleys get layered by the blossom and the flower bathes the hills in blue once in every twelve years. An ideal location to relax and enjoy with family and friends, and in addition to this, there are lot of activities for adventure lovers who can enjoy different range of tourist activities which includes boat rides, trekking, parasailing, hot air ballooning and wildlife safaris in the jungles and sanctuaries.


While at Munnar, travel around to some of the scenic beauty to enjoy the charming hill stations of Munnar. Munnar temperature is always in favourable.



Spread over an area of 97 sq. km., situated in the Devikulam Taluk of the Idukki district, Eravikulam National Park is one of the key attractions near Munnar and is breathtakingly beautiful with a magnificent view of the tea plantations and also a vast place for trekking.

This park is well-known for its rare inhabitant – the ‘Nilgiri Tahr’ and is also houses numerous species of rare butterflies, animals and birds. The park happens to be a hot destination, when the hills get covered with the color of blue, resulting from the flowering of Neelakurinji, a plant which blooms once in every twelve years.

It was confirmed as a sanctuary in 1975, but bearing in mind the fact of environmental, vegetation, and zoological impact, it was affirmed as a National park in 1978.


Mattupetty, one more place of interest for the visitors, located about 13 km from Munnar Town. Situated at a height of 1700 m above sea level, the place is known for its storage brickwork dam and the beautiful lake, offering satisfying boat-rides, which on another hand allows enjoying the surrounding hills and scenery.

Mattupetty is also gets the name fame because of the dairy farm run by the Indo-Swiss Livestock Project, a place of home to different high yielding breeds of cows.

Just a petite distance from the farm, is a very striking picnic spot and also DTPC Idukki provides boating facilities on the Mattupetty Dam. Kundala tea plantations and the Kundala Lake are other attractions in the district.



The Anamudi peak is famous for trekking journey positioned within the Eravikulam National Park, this is the highest peak in South India at a height of over 2695 m. The peak is home to largest existing population of Asian elephants, Gaurs and Nilgiri Tahrs. Trekkers will fall in love with this place and they will enjoy the whole experience like they had never before and all together good news for the trekking lovers, as treks to the peak can be allowed, with prior authorization from the Forest and Wildlife authorities at Eravikulam.

This is the place like heaven and to be visited once in a lifetime, the mind-blowing sight and surroundings will captivate your attention although your journey to this peak. Being the highest peak of southern India and offers remarkable outlooks of the ambiance, and surely you want to capture it in your camera. Don’t forget to click pictures of wild animals and multi-colored lively birds. Hence you must carry a camera while visiting this peak.


located at about 8 km from Munnar is the place of enormous picturesque beauty and is frequently preferred by tourists as a picnic spot for its famous attraction in the town i.e. Pallivasal Falls and also being famous because its the site of the first Hydro-electric plant in Kerala.

People come here to take a break from their messy-busy life and relax themselves in the beauty of Pallivasal town. The place is a perfect place for all those who love nature and photography, due to its charming scenery view and milky white water falling from a high mountain will surely takes your breath away.


Chinnakanal or Power House waterfall is located 18 km away from Munnar, above 2000m sea level. The beautiful waterfall, bordered by green mountain ranges that gives a classic look, is from the River Devikulam, the river known to get fame name from the legend that wife of Lord Rama, Sita Devi, had taken a dip in this river.  It does not need much effort to arrive at this falls as it is on the roadside. The place is enriched with the scenic view of the nature.



Anayirangal is covered with lush green forests and surrounded by tea plants and also known for its dam and lake. People from all around the world make a visit to the place to see the tea plantation site and enjoys the aroma of tealeaves at the same time and to catch the glimpse of elephant group satisfying their longing for water from the lake. A journey to the impressive site is an extraordinary experience.  There are several resorts and home stays with holidaying facilities in this region so that you can enjoy to the fullest.



Experience the incredible sights of rolling hills, the green lush mountains and the breathtaking scenery makes the place ideal for holidaying and also is good for adventurous sports like trekking and long walks on mountains.  For those who are keen to take a quiet walk, the cool air, the superb surroundings, and the huge tea plantations here would take your breath forth and give you a nice feel. Pothamedu has large plantations of tea gardens, coffee plantations and cardamom estates, with stretches of ‘potha grass’ (from which the name is derived) roofed the hills and all these sight will make this place unforgettable.



The view of this idyllic hill station which is located at a height of 1800 meters above sea level with unusual flora and fauna, the cool air is an extraordinary experience that would take you to a different world. Away from the city pollution and the crowd of the city, the clear atmosphere around Devikulam indicates you with the assurance of an interesting holiday. Once in Munnar, Devikulam hill station should be on your visit-list, in order to get to know more about the awesomeness of the place.

Nothing else can strike you as much as the beauty of the hill and you can beautifully experience the morning mist of the place by taking a walk in the early morning along the tenderly-talkative waterfalls that fall from sheer heights.

Right in the heart of this scenery is a small lake that has transparent clear water and it is believed by the locals that wife of Lord Rama, Sita devi, had taken bath in the same holy water, that’s the reason the lake being also known as Sita Devi Lake. The lake is also perfect for trout fishing.



Located at a distance of 9 kms from Munnar, the Attukal Waterfalls has an appealing view of gleaming white water running and gushing all the way from top to down making the entire area foggy and clear-transparent and also is surrounded by beautiful places like the Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, the Cheeyappara Waterfalls and Rose Garden. The lush green forest, charming sceneries, glitzy water flow, and seasonal flowers blossoming around the waterfalls makes the entire location an altogether superb experience.

The Attukal Waterfalls is a perfect tourist destination for exciting activity as well as for nature lovers. One can reach to the Attukal Waterfalls through a narrow wooden bridge. Long Trekking and hiking are some of the adventure sports one can try around the Attukal Waterfalls.


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Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary is 2695 m above sea level, located in Idukki district of Kerala about 15 km away from the popular hill station Munnar and is a part of the Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is home to the rare ‘Nilgiri Tahr’, a mountain goat with tiny spiky fur and broad built, only few herds of the mountain goats remain in the Eravikulam and Rajmala reserves and besides the rare species of Nilgiri Tahr, there are many other animals and reptiles that can be seen around in the region like tigers, panthers, elephants, deer and gaurs.

The sanctuary also houses ample range of flora and fauna and has a wealthy vegetation of shrubs, herbs, climbers making every person to praise the nature.

You can even enjoy various adventure sports like boating, mountain trekking, rock climbing and rappelling on the suburbs of the sanctuary.



Have you ever wondered one thing what makes Munnar so different from other hill stations in India. The answer is very simple, the magnificent tea plantation, that makes the place one of the Kerala’s most incredible tourist destination.

The country’s first ever Tea Museum started at Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (KDHP’s) is located at Nullatanni Estate, just a five minute drive from Munnar Town. The Tea Museum provides direct information about tea processing and the procedure that go into the making of black tea.

The museum organizes a tea tasting display room with a diversity of teas on show. The museum also has a manufacturing unit to instruct visitors on the different aspects of tea processing. A must visit site when on tour to Munnar. Tickets are available at the Museum to gain entry.

The refreshing tea gardens of Munnar are so striking that people who stop over this place never really want to go back.


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Kundala is a pleasing place, on the way to Top Station, at a height of 1700 meters above sea level. Also known as Sethuparvati Dam, the Kundala Dam was constructed for Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project in 1946 and is considered to be Asia’s first arch dam.

In Kundala region, cherry flourish twice in a year. From the top of the Kundala Dam, one can enjoy overwhelming sight of the lake carpeted with lush green tea estates. For some unusual clicks on your tour to this place, reach here early in the morning and enjoy the cool breeze and the scene of gorgeous sun rays falling on the lake to making a sparkling effect. There is an artificial dam in Kundala which is an added attraction here.

Boating at this dam is an amazing experience beyond words.  Pedal boats, Kashmiri shikkara boats and row boats are accessible on rental fee to make your journey more pleasurable.



You just need a five minutes drive from the Munnar- Marayoor road to reach to the closest waterfall of the town, “Lakkam / Lakkom waterfalls” bordered by ‘Vaga trees’ and when the trees are in full bloom, the whole valley is covered with bright red color and due to its scenic beauty, this destination is one of the most preferable place year round for the tourists.

The waterfall is located amongst the thick flora and sloping hills which adds the attractiveness to its beauty, a paradise for nature lovers and the whole environ provides ample opportunities to every visitor to click the pictures of the calm surroundings and this for sure makes the trip more memorable when you accompany with your loved ones.


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Placed at an altitude of about 600 ft, Echo Point is located 15 km away from Munnar, on the way to Top Station. A very beautiful place where when you yell out, you will hear your voice reverberated and because of which the place got its name as “Echo point”.

With the green surroundings of tea plantations, and spice gardens, mist covered hills, waterfalls and breeze air, Echo Point is just the perfect place for the ones who love to have a nature walk or trekking and boating options also available.

You can even have the opportunity to see the scenic gorgeousness beauty of the rare Neelakurinji flower, besides this, you can even enjoy the chirping and cooing of birds.



Munnar is the most frequented place in Kerala, crowded with visitors all around the year. Top Station is one amongst the many good-looking destinations of Munnar and is at the highest point (1700m) in Munnar, on the Munnar-Kodaikkanal road, where you may feel that the clouds are just a hand touch away from you.

In reality, Top Station got its name as it has the uppermost railway station located in the Kundala Valley. The place is famed for the Neelakurinji flowers, the rare flowers which used to bloom once in twelve years and gives the entire region a bluish look.

The best time to visit Top station is from April to May.



Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is the habitat for the endangered species of birds and animals. It is one of the twelve Wildlife Sanctuaries among the protected areas of Kerala. A wide Sandalwood forest nearby is an added attraction at Chinnar. Rich in wildlife, the thorny scrub forests here are ideal for trekking to those who love adventures.

Here you would come across 965 species of flowering plants, the healthy population of endangered giant squirrel, star tortoise, tufted grey langur, gaur, spotted deer, slender loris, sambar, peacocks, wild elephant, panthers, crocodile, tiger, leopard and some 245 rare species of birds including Yellow-throated Bulbuls, and also insects and plants, 52 species of reptiles including 29 species of snakes, 42 species of fishes ,22 amphibian species and 156 species of butterflies.


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