The name “Sunderban” comes from Sundari and ban, which, once combined, means that “the forests of Sundari”-an obvious relation to the massive mangrove trees.

The 1,330 square kilometre area of forest was established as a National Park on 4th May 1984. The Sunderban had earlier been selected as a Tiger Reserve forest in December 1973. After this, a wildlife sanctuary was created in 1977.

How to reach: Canning railway station is nearest to Sundarban Tiger Reserve. distance from Kolkata to Canning is 45km and 29km far away from Godkhali Port by rail network. It takes around 1 hr 20 mins to reach Canning station from Sealdah station in Kolkata. Public conveyance is available between Canning and Godkhali port.

Species to see: Bengal tiger, Fishing cats, Leopard cats, Macaques, Wild boar, Indian grey mongoose, Fox, Jungle cat, Flying fox, Pangolin, Chital.

Best time to visit: Best time to visit the Sunderbans National Park is October to Mid-June.