Sundarban national park is located in southeast Paraganas district of west Bengal. The Sundarban is a part of the largest delta mangrove forest which is formed by river Ganga’s, Brahmaputra and Meghna.

The name “Sunderban” comes from Sundari and ban, which, once combined, means that “the forests of Sundari”-an obvious relation to the massive mangrove trees. Sundarbans national park is a home of great Bengal Tigers.

The 1,330 square kilometer area of forest was established as a National Park on 4th May 1984. The Sunderban had earlier been selected as a Tiger Reserve forest in December 1973. After this, a wildlife sanctuary was created in 1977.

The park has 885 square km area in a buffer and core forest area is surrounded by natural boundaries with four rivers. Matla river in West, the river Haribhanga on it’s East, Netidhopani and the Gosba on the North side. Sundarbans national park mangroves and Bengal tigers are main attraction point that pulls thousand of tourist every year from country and world.


How to reach Sundarban National Park

how to reach sundarban

Sundarban national park Tiger Reserve is well connected by Road and rail networks. The nearest railway station is Canning railway station and the total distance from Kolkata to Canning is 45km. It takes around 1 hr 20 mins to reach Canning station from Sealdah station Kolkata. Public conveyance is available between Canning and Godkhali port.

Sundarban national park is also connected by road from Kolkatta and the required time is 2 hrs by Car.

Species: Bengal tiger, Fishing cats, Leopard cats, Macaques, Wild boar, Indian gray mongoose, Fox, Jungle cat, Flying fox, Pangolin, Chital.

Sundarbans national park best time to visit


Best time to visit the Sunderbans National Park start from October to Mid-March every year. During the monsoon general public is not allowed to visit Sundarban.


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