Goa, the smallest state in the country and one of the major holiday destinations in India. Goa is a hub of traveler activity and one reason local markets makes it a shopping destination. There are lots of shopping malls in the state but, Must experience the Goa at it’s finest and visit the local markets in Goa that characterizes as a tourer destination being the shopper.  I couldn’t resist sharing my findings on the most effective places for shopping in Goa like Anjuna flea market.

Whether your budget is huge or little or your style sober or crazy, rest assured Goa has many things to please you. Several hotels in the state are located near these markets and can ensure you have got the pleasing trip.

From meliorist venture to junk jewelry and gothic accessories, from shell and bamboo work to terracotta and brassware, from feni and bebinca to cashew nuts and Goan sausages, you may notice it all here.

Look to your heart’s delight as I bring back you the top five places for shopping in Goa

Calangute Market Square


Calangute market

The popular Calangute beach in goa is lined with numberless shacks and stalls creating it one among the top markets of this shopping paradise.

Purchase sarongs and trinkets made from sea shells as souvenirs from an ideal beach vacation or treat yourself to cooked prawns and brewage at one of these stalls. Also, look out for metal, leather and clay things, accessories, textiles and carpets at the Calangute marketplace.

Whereas longing for hotels in Goa, you would possibly wish to select a hotel in Calangute in order that the market is well accessible at any time of the day. The hotel’s proximity to Calangute conjointly ensures you’re close to a traveler hub.

Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora

Arpora Market

Arpora Market

There is no better place to spend a Saturday evening in Goa than by visiting the Night Bazaar at Arpora. we strongly suggest this place for shopping in Goa on your next trip. The market is stuffed with plentiful kiosks providing spices, carpets, embroidered textiles, hammocks, garments, and accessories.

This market provides some costlier and exhausting to search out handicrafts that are a parity of the local manufacture.The vendors provide nice deals and also the markets in Goa is generally frequented by foreigners who return to explore the heritage and also the culture.

Stop by The boutique House Bar for some refreshing cocktails being highly recommended. In the Market Live entertainment show also performed by artesian to entertain shoppers and visitors.

Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Market

Anjuna flea market held on every Wednesday at the south of Anjuna beach. The markets started by hippies three decades ago, Now these days markets are in very streamline.

In the market, you can find handmade jewelry, fancy dress, home decoration stuff, a variety of tea leaf, Tibetan Kashmiri and Gujarati clothes and so on. Anjuna flea market receives a customer with very high purchasing power, so the rate will be high but if you know the actual price, you can bargain and buy on best rates. Anjuna flea market one of the best markets in Goa.