Udaipur the lake City of Rajasthan, Famous for lake and old architecture, Every tourist eagerly wants to know about best places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days which covers all famous historical places and lakes.

Best Places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days and historical Udaipur destination.

City Palace Udaipur

udaipur museum

Maharana Uday Singh begins the structure of the palace but the following Maharanas further added quite a few places and constructions to the compound retained an amazing consistency to the designed creation. The entrance to the Palace is from the Hati Pol, the Elephant gate.

The Bari Pol or the Big gate takes you to the Tripoli, the Triple gate. It was formerly a tradition that the Maharana would ponder under this gate in gold and silver, which was dispersed to the common people. Balconies, cupolas, and towers prevail the fortress to give a magnificent outlook of the lake.

Suraj Gokhada is where the Maharana would chat with public audiences primarily to enhance the confidence of the folks in hard times.

The major part of the palace is now conserved as a museum showcasing a large and varied collection of work of arts. Down steps from the entrance hall are the weapon store museum revealing a gigantic collection of defensive gear, weapons including the sword.

Moti Mahal has stunning mirror work and the Chini Mahal has decorative tiles all over. The Surya Chopar portrays a giant ornamental sun signifying the sun reign to which the Mewar empire belongs. The Bari Mahal is an innermost estate with a view of the city. More attractive painting art can be seen in the Zenana Mahal, which led to Lakshmi Chowk a beautiful white spectator area. City Palace one of the best Places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days.

Fateh Prakash Palace

It’s like being cushioned and protected in genuine majestic lavishness at the Fateh Prakash Palace. The warmness of imperial generosity welcomes you as you walk along the passage lined with great painting arts that prospered in the seventeenth through the nineteenth century. The lake facing suites are rightfully selected with beds and era furnishings, decorated with velvet curtains and subtle silk decoration. Fateh Prakash Palace counted in Places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Located 64 km north of Udaipur in the backwoods, Kumbhalgarh is the second most chief castle after Chittorgarh in the Mewar region. Structured and built the fort in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha. Since its isolation and unfriendly landscape the fort had remained unconquered.

It also doles out the leader of Mewar as a refuge in times of conflict. It is also of sloppy implication as it is the origin of Mewar’s well-known King Maharana Partap. Also numerous splendid palaces a collection of holy places built by the Mauryas of which the most charming place is the Badal Mahal.

The fort also proffers a terrific birds view of the ambiance. The fort’s solid wall extends to some 36 km and is broad enough to take eight horses alongside each other. Maharana Fateh Singh modernized the fort in the 19th century. The fort’s huge compound has very attractive vestiges and the walk around it can be very satisfying. Kumbhalgarh fort one of the places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days.

Chittaurgarh Fort

Chittorgarh is the personification of Rajput conceit, saga, and strength. It resounds with the past of great courage and forfeits, which is obvious as it bounces off with the tales sung by the Bards of Rajasthan. The main motive for holidaying in Chittorgarh is its enormous peak castle, which is a portrayal of Rajput civilization and principles. The citadel stands on a 240-hectares site on an 180m high hill that rises speedily from the plains.  underneath. Chittorgarh is well connected by both bus and rail.

Chittorgarh Fort is a gigantic construction with a 1 km crisscross inflection to it. The road guides through seven gates to the main gate ‘Rampol’. On the climb flanked by the second and third gate, there are two Chatteris built to respect Jaimull and Kulla, the heroes of 1568 cordon by Emperor Akbar. The key gate of the fortress itself is ‘Surajpol’.

Repeatedly told a fairy tale, the creation of the fort was happened to be started by Bhim, a Pandav hero of fabled epic Mahabharata. The fort has countless glorious memorials. Akbar accepted away all the typical pieces of design and statue and placed them in his capital.

Even though the fort is damaged but it is an irresistible memento of past history and its walls resound with an incredible legend of remarkable men and women and their uniformly surprising manners. Chittaurgarh fort one of the best places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days.



A gorgeously sculptured Jain temple marks the magnificence of this prominent place. Noticeable as one of the five holy places for the Jain commune, and were formed in the 15 the century. The middle part i.e. Chaumukha [four faced temple] is devoted to Adinathji, the temple is an astounding formation with 29 halls and 1,444 pillars all specifically engraved and the architecture is the main thing that adds to the charisma of the place.

The atmosphere of Ranakpur is largely highlighted by the location and the nearly godly structural design, giving the same tinge as its matching part – the great Dilwara Temples in Mount Abu.

Facing the main temple are the inimitable temples -Parasvanath – Neminath with beautiful sculptures carving analogous to that Khujaraho statuette. An additional temple worth appealing is the close by ‘Sun Temple’ dedicated to the ‘Sun God’ decked with multilateral wall, luxuriantly overstated with the carvings of warriors, horses and solar (Nakshatras, grahs’) divinity riding superb ‘chariots’, the vehicle of the ‘Sun God’- which according to the Hindu myths is the God of opulence and a glowing fortune in this earth.

Towering on a top of a hill just outer Udaipur lays this spectacular 18th-century fort, with an overwhelming vision of the Mewar countryside. Initially projected to be a high five-story sky-high center, it was later deserted and used as a monsoon palace and hunting cottage.

It was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh and was intended for building a nineteen-storied structure. However, the Maharana breathe his last breath too early & the strategies were unfinished. The now dilapidated fortress rules the skyline 2468 ft high on top of Bansdara Mountain. It is observable from a great distance and proffers fabulous picturesque outlook. Ranakpur one of the Places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days.

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