The stunning Ooty Lake is a much-loved place by tourists. The lake was artificially constructed in the year 1825, by Mr. John Sullivan, the then Collector of Coimbatore.  This lake was structured in L-shape and stretches to some 2.75 km and the tall Eucalyptus trees and shrubs’ surrounding the lake is a scenic delight.  Ferries were used to getting across from one side to the other.

It is one of the best places for boating, a number of boat races are controlled and people have a wonderful moment enjoying the boat race. During summer seasons, in May, boat-race ceremonies are planned for two days at the lake which pulls a huge crowd to the place.

At the far end is the Boat House, where all kinds of boats are offered for hire from dawn to dusk. Also, there is children’s park with a toy train, and you can even enjoy the local pony jolly rides available at a charge.

Find out the details of most beautiful Ooty Lake, the best time to visit Ooty, and how to reach Ooty.


Pykara Lake is a well- known retreat located in the hill station of Ooty. It is a clean and scenic lake in between the hills. Pykara has everything that one necessitates for an ideal day out with friends and family.

Pykara is an attractive town with a river which has a dam and a power plant. Because of the dam, the backwater forms a big lake and is being known as Pykara Lake. At the end of the dam, the river falls from a height which is known as Pykara Falls. This is how Pykara becomes the great picnic spot.

The place is a required destination that one must visit during their tour to Ooty Lake and also for those who wish to enjoy some time in the middle of the prettiness of environment and peace. Nature lovers, photographers and adventure seekers, in reality, can’t manage to miss this beautiful appeal of the Lake.

The calm and composed lake of Pykara, in the midst of the lush green valleys is a lovely retreat from Ooty and is bordered by forests.  The major attraction of this place is the boathouse, with restaurant and a rest house to offer you with definitive soothe environment to relax a bit from everyday jobs. Boating is conducted here and people have the choice of enjoying boat ride in the lake along with enjoying the gorgeous landscape around the lake. Pykara on the top of Ooty Lake. 

Emerald Lake Ooty

Another significant tourist attraction in Ooty Lake is Emerald Lake, located in the region of Silent valley in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu. The lake is bordered by charming tea farms and a wide variety of flora and fauna.  Emerald is a gorgeous lake; a gift to eyes that soothes your mind and soul too with the layer of shimmery green surroundings around the lake. The whole look of the lake is wonderful and one would definitely love being at this place.

While enjoying the view Ooty lake you can come across the swaying trees with the rising and setting of Sun, cheeping birds and ducks at the background and other water creatures add beauty to the place.


Kamraj Sagar Lake is an artificial reservoir created close to the dam and is located in the suburbs of Ooty that is exaggeratedly enjoyed by the tourists and locals who choose to spend their holidays picnicking here.

You can spot an ample variety of herbs and shrubs available in the region. The beauty of the region has been captured in many movies. The water of this lake is ice-cold and one can have excellent experience of fishing in this Ooty lake.

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The main attraction of Bellikkal is its Ooty lake that remains encircled by lush greenery, water, natural smells etc. Belial’s charismatic locations and privacy make it one of the best places to visit for a short trip. Located in Nilgiri Mountain Range in Tamil Nadu, Bellikkal is leisurely being frequented by honeymooners because of its picturesque glory and privacy. The lake and its shorelines are ideal for long walks.

Tigers, bear, deer, bulbuls, doves, woodpeckers, are spotted quite often, making it a popular spot for animal and bird watching.


Avalanche Lake is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure freaks and is counted as one of the star attractions of Ooty Lake. The place is absolutely a perfect destination for those who hope to spend some time in peace and natural beauty and wanted to enjoy some outstanding time with dear ones. The lake is fully bounded by lovely blossoming flowers which give a joy to your eyes and adds beauty to nature.

Apart from the delightful view of the environment that allures tourists from different corners of the world, they also have an option of indulging in different adventure activities like mountain trekking, rafting, horse riding, jeep driving and trout fishing.

Trout fishing is allowed in the Avalanche Lake, and the entire accessories essential for the fishing is accessible on the close by trout hatchery. This is the reason Avalanche becomes the most favourite from Ooty Lake.