The Mumbai nightlife offers the best nightclubs in Mumbai for party goers with some best entertainment and a good run for their money. From cut-price drinking to restricted dance clubs and stylish bars, the city has it all for party-animals. Apart from your budget, your feel for DJ music, or your clothing sense, Mumbai is crammed with limitless options to keep you on your toes. The city by no means sleeps and will make sure that you don’t either. Mumbai is a huge city bound with a big amount of party goers looking to go crazy and dance the night away.

Colaba, Lower Parel, Bandra, Andheri are few famous places in Mumbai having some superb nightclubs to hang out in the evening, party around the whole night offering some delicious food and chilling beer. The energetic sight of the club draws a younger crowd who are looking to dance and mingle all night long.

The general things you can expect from Mumbai nightlife are that it is reasonably obvious that the number of men exceeds the women, not just in the nightclubs, but also out on the streets as well. The upsetting part of Mumbai’s nightlife to many youngsters is that the doors to pubs shut around 1:30 AM. Actually a few years back, the bars/clubs used to stay open until 3-4 AM, but may because of security concerns; the laws have taken strict decision and actions on the closing timings of pubs, disco, and Nightclubs.

Best Nightclubs in Mumbai for making a more exciting Mumbai Nightlife


Blue Frog one of the best nightclubs in Mumbai and the place to see live music events which are good but their DJ events are even better. One of the best Mumbai nightlife experiences you will have. The club is very big in size and having a perfect-sized dance floor surrounded by hundreds of tables. The light shows are astounding, and the sound system is excellent.

The entire arrangement is matchless and the decor lighting is bright and dazzling. Service for food and for drinks at the bar is very professional. European and Asian cuisines being offered enjoy the lip smacking dishes along with chilled drinks. Food and drinks are on the expensive side so it can flame a very deep hole in your pocket.


Full justice to its name, Club Royalty is unbelievable. Located in Bandra West – the town where all the Bollywood stars hang out. Some amazing music to move on with bountiful food and drinks by your side and this place are for sure to burn your pockets, but the place is worth it. The ambiance is superb and well maintained. Once you there, you will have a very Royal feel as the name suggests.

The music is pretty cheerful and they have good in-house DJ’s and international artists coming and performing at the nightclubs, Royalty highly recommended for an amazing party for all the party-lovers.


It’s one of the most lavish nightclubs in the city situated in an amazing locality and beautifully designed with the great view of the sea, quite a different experience all together but is pretty damn high-priced. Club Trilogy has an amazing ambience and crazy techno lights and multi-level dance floors always loaded with a great crowd with awesome music played in the background by In-house DJ. Trilogy one of the best nightclubs in Mumbai for couples and friends.


Alibi isn’t the biggest nightclubs in Mumbai, but on any given night it guarantees fun and exciting. The drinks are low-priced, the lighting above the DJ console was amazing, the ambiance is pleasant, and the dance floor will keep you bounded to stay all night long. A must visit the place to experience the fun and Mumbai Nightlife.


Located in the Lower Pearl, Tryst has been a party hotspot and has the ambiance, lighting, music to make you dance your heart out. Younger crowd and the lively atmosphere are contagious. The music of nightclubs is mainstream EDM, the light show will blow your mind, the laser lights are very distinctive and you might not get such an experience in any other nightclubs in Mumbai. Their dance floor was certainly striking and impressive being spacious.

Their dance floor was certainly striking and impressive being spacious. Tryst one of the best nightclubs in Mumbai. 



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