Golden Temple located in the Amritsar city of Punjab. The temple is also known as the name of Harmandir Sahib and Darbar Sahib. It is a central religious place for Sikhs community and constructed by Guru Ram Das Sahib in 400 years back. Hundreds of people visit every day to the Golden Temple Amritsar, One of the most visited places in Punjab India.

The temple is built in the centre of beautiful Sarovar pool, all pilgrims believe that pool water has some power to cure many diseases. Golden temple architecture will leave you to stun, the white marbles with two stories building lower level and ground level. There are 4 gates in the temple and all gates known by various name.

The upper story is totally gold plated and crowned with a dome and lower ground is made by white marbles and decorated with motifs.

Golden Temple History

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The Golden Temple history begin from 1574  AD When Mughal Emperor Akbar gave a land in the gift to a daughter of the third Guru Amar Das. After Some time, She married to fourth Guru, Guru Ram Das.

In 1577 Guru Ram Das was started construction of fresh water tank after that his Son Guru Arjun Dev, who also became 5th Guru oversaw the construction of The Golden Temple and after 5 years he completed Adi Granth Sahib.

In 1606, Guru Har Govind Singh set the foundation stone of the Akal Takht, which is the sovereignty of the spiritual authority.

During the tenure of Indira Gandhi, One incident happens in 1984 when Sikh separatists and Indian army attacked in the premises of Temple, 500 people from separatists and 100 army personnel were killed.

How to reach Golden Temple

The Amritsar City of Punjab is well connected by road, rail and flight networks. The distance from Chandigarh 235 Km and from Delhi 435 Km. There is no shortage of local transport, you can hire a taxi or Rikshaw from Amritsar to Golden Temple. Even free Bus services provided by Temple authority at Amritsar Railway Station serve the pilgrims.

Amritsar City is well connected by other major cities in India and majority of tourist comes from Delhi. The airport is also available in Amritsar which flies for domestic as well as the International destination.

The Golden Temple Times and Entry fee

The Golden Temple is open for 24/7 for pilgrims and there is no entry fee. Photography is not allowed in temple premises.

The Golden Temple langar timings

Langar in Golden Temple starts after the fourth Guru of the Sikh Ram Das. Golden Temple langar continuously operational 24 hours a day and 365 days. Langar offers a food for all devotee, tourist and curiosity seeker.


Places to visit in Amritsar

  • Bagha Border
  • Jallianwala bagh
  • The Central Sikh Museum
  • The modern Hi-Tech visitor centre


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