Goa one of the hottest destination in India for Beach, Babes, and Bikinis.

Goa is a small state, where you’ll see a mixture of Indian and Portuguese culture. Bikini beaches in Goa have numerous reasons to be popular as a hot beach destination in India, In which Beach, Babes and Bikinis one of them. Goa bikini beach always a charming destination for bikini girls and models photos shoot. The bikini on the beach is a common swimsuit for all foreigners tourists, even Indian girls love to wear a bikini at the beach. 


Goa is not like other beach destination of India, hot beaches in Goa gives you the liberty to wear a bikini, while people not gawking at you. Goa is a completely fun-filled bikini destination in India, Don’t miss the opportunity to wear a bikini at the selected hot bikini beaches in Goa. The small state Goa one of the major contributor to beach holiday destination. 

 Everyone ask, is Goa safe for a bikini? Yes, this is the safest place in India, where Indian and foreigner girls can wear bikinis. Moreover, you can find a topless beach in Goa more than your expectations.

However, you can wear a bikini in Goa at any beaches, therefore we’ve selected some legendary bikini beaches name for bikini girls and models that are famous as hot bikini beaches in Goa.

Colva Beach

Bikini Goa

This is the 1st places in Goa to wear a bikini because it is a favorite among international tourists and Goa beach girls, particularly Russians that love the talcum sands of Colva beach that are one among the popular hangouts for jet-set crowd. 

Colva is good to pay time doing nothing. Benaulim Beach, just a hop away from Colva, could be a secluded sandy stretch void of the crowds. Bikini models love this beach because of natural beauty and one of the perfect sights for Goa beaches hot photos shoot. 

Vacation in Goa India preferred by the foreigner tourists for sunbath and nightlife. Swimming in the ocean or take leisurely strolls on the sandy stretch while not the worry of peeping toms. These features make it popular as Goa bikini beach for tourists and hot models photos shoot. Colva one of the best place for Goa beach girls to enjoy without any ogling.

Arambol Beach

bikini girls in Goa

The Beach located in North Goa still retains vestiges of its hipster past. A fishing village is also an attraction point and it’s now metamorphosed into a traveler favorite.

You’ll do the standard beach stroll, swim in the ocean, Photos shoot or simply slug around like in alternative beaches. Or else, you’ll spoil yourself with the choice therapies that are offered, like meditation, yoga, martial art and Reiki. 

The Coastal paradise state is an ideal place to relish the sun in bare minimums. The place boasts of a relaxed nightlife with jam sessions and the live music. If the group proves an excessive amount, then walk towards the deserted Keri beach and the Terekhol Fort, simply north of Arambol. Arambol one of the best bikini beach in Goa for foreigners and Indian girls.

Ashwem Beach

Bikini destination in Goa

If you prefer to flaunt your body and hate individuals eye-balling, then Ashwem is that the beach to be. The beach is a destination for bikini girls to enjoy, relaxed and mellow setting and doesn’t get too thronged. Indian girls feel shy to wear bikinis on the beach, but Ashwem is a perfect beach to try. If you’d like, you may prefer to choose a quick swimming in its waters that is also safe. It is one of the clean and quieter beach and a popular destination for hot bikini photos

You’ll relish the seclusion that the beach provides by reading a book or simply strike a speech communication with those that come here from across the globe. Ashwem beach counted in one of the perfect bikini beaches in Goa. The small state Goa always found on the top of the list in India beach holiday destination. Bikini is a major attraction at Goa beaches for girls. 


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