Planning a trip to Goa? First, know about the best time to visit Goa but we have also included worst time to visit Goa, Goa is the small state on the west coast of India and known as a party capital of the Country. Goa off-season time also attracts lots of People around the country who loves to spend a time in peace and budget.

The party capital receives millions of tourists every year and tourist season never ends in this state. But Goa weather divided into 4 distinct phases for tourist season, Summer, Post Summer, Monsoon and finally Winter. Generally, the best time to visit Goa is winter which starts from November to February.


During the winter, Goa temperature and weather are very pleasant so all Westeros hit the Goa beach at this time. There is also a certain period of time that is the worst time to visit Goa. 

Know before go the Best time to Visit Goa and Worst time to visit Goa.

Winter Season: (November, December, January, February)

Goa Weather: Clear Sky
Goa Temperature: 15 to 25-degree Celsius

best time to visit goa


This is the time Goa witness a Lakhs of tourist come to the place to making a holiday on the beaches and enjoy a nightlife. During the month of November to February weather and temperature are in favor.

Goa every year host a Sunburn music festival that is very popular among tourist and proved a huge crowd puller for Goa tourism. In the Month of December, State is very crowded because of Christmas, Goa Carnivals, and New year celebrations. Winter is the best time to visit Goa.

If you are planning to celebrate New year eve then you must book hotels in advance since this is a pick season and prices may go high or you may face a shortage of hotels room.

Summer Season: (March, April, May, October)

Goa Weather: Clean sky, humidity
Goa Temperature: 25 to 40 – degree Celsius

Calangute Beach

When the temperature hit the coastal state Goa, humidity rise in the sky. From the month of March summer effects the temperature and weather. During the summer season, tourist arrivals are low compared to another season. In fact, morning and evening time at the beach you can enjoy and relax. 

Accommodation in Goa during summer are at very reasonable rates, bargain with hotels or travel agency,  you can get good offers. If you love to travel in the budget then summer is the best time to visit Goa otherwise avoid the summer which is the worst time to visit Goa. 

Monsoon Season: (June, July, August, September)

Goa Weather: Clean sky, humidity
Goa Temperature: 25 to 40 – degree Celsius

best time to visit goa monsoon

The monsoon hits the state from mid-June to September end. Most of the people not in the favor to make a holiday in Goa during the rainy season. Most of the people know that monsoon is the worst time to visit Goa but the fact is a monsoon change entire scenery and look very beautiful. Generally, we all associate Goa with Beach, Sun, Sand, and Nightlife but once you visit Goa during monsoon, your thinking will complete change.

Goa looks emerald green, no noise, very less crowd, neat and clean everywhere that is suitable for family holiday and the best time to visit Goa for a peace lover. 

During the season of Monsoon, Ocean becomes rougher and dangerous to swim. Exploration of Mollem National Park, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, and spice plantation is a good option. Monsoon is the worst time to visit Goa for party hoppers and watersports adventure lovers.  Most of the beach shack close during the rainy off-season time, Island trip also not available. If you are party lovers and looking for fun and enjoyment of Goa nightlife then this is an off-season time and you must plan for the winter season. 


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