Where to stay in Goa? A big question for everyone who is going 1st time. Goa is a small state and located in western part of India. The State is well known for nightlife and famous as a party capital of India. The state also divided into two part South and North Goa. Now, You can choose the best place to stay in Goa for nightlife which suits best for your accommodation in Goa India.

Both parts of the state are blessed with beautiful beaches and very rich in greenery. Numbers of hotels and resorts are available to stay in all ranges from backpacker to 5-star hotels. let’s find out the best place to stay in Goa for nightlife.

Where to stay in Goa is totally depend upon your Interest, If you would like to peaceful nightlife then we suggest to stay in South Goa and for party Hooper, North is the best place to stay in Goa for nightlife.

Best Beach to Stay in Goa

Baga- North Goa

goa nightclubs

Baga beach is top in the list of the best place to stay in Goa for nightlife. There so many amazing clubs and bars where you can enjoy full night near the beautiful beaches. There are special parties organized for tourist on weekends. Baga beach party is popular among tourists and makes it a capital of nightlife of India.

Beach is mainly bordered by a hill and a fresh water as a comparison to other beaches, Baga received the highest number of tourist for the enjoyment in the night. Most popular Tito’s lane situated at the Baga beach, which has so many clubs and Bars at the single lane.  Baga beach is recommended for the best place to stay in Goa for nightlife.

Anjuna, North Goa

club neptune

Anjuna beach located in Northside and a place for party lover, nearest to Baga beach. The is famous among hippies for rave party and full moon party at the beach.

Numbers of famous nightclubs and pubs within 10 km of Anjuna beach, where you can enjoy the nightlife. Additionally, at Anjuna, you can the find beach huts. Anjuna one of the best place to stay in Goa for nightlife. 

Calangute, North Goa

Calangute Beach

Calangute located in the north Goa and nearest to Baga beach. This place is a center in terms of nightlife, beach party, best accommodation in Goa and shopping in local market. Calangute is a host of thousand of tourists every year, Calangute beach one of the longest beaches in North Goa.

Within 10 km of area, you can find lots of nightclubs, pubs, bar and beach shacks. Most famous Tito’s Baga beach is very near to Calangute, which is known as the most happening place in Goa. Calangute one of the best place to stay in Goa for nightlife, a suitable place for a couple, bachelors, youngster and family too.

Arpora, North Goa


The Arpora is a small village in North Goa and very near to Baga and Calangute Beach. Despite the recent development, Arpora is still picturesque with traditional hamlets, where you can see villagers house, palm trees, and farming land.

Club Cubana and Saturday night market the main attractions for nightlife in Arpora.  The village is only 5 minutes on distance from Baga Beach by two wheeler and 20 minutes by walk. Vagator beach is also close to the village, which is famous itself for Vagator nightlife and hosts Sunburn festival every year on New year festival. Arpora one of the best place to stay in Goa for nightlife. 


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