Jaipur food, A trip to Jaipur (or anyplace in Rajasthan) isn’t complete without excavation into authentic Rajasthani food. whether or not you’re looking for dal bati churma, laal maas, kachoris or ghevar Jaipur is foodie’s paradise. If you’re new to this cuisine you can’t come back without trying dal bati churma, the flagship dish of Rajasthani cuisine.

If you’re a Rajasthani thali cognoscenti, you must try the one served at Chokhi Dhani, about 22km outside Jaipur. This place comes alive each evening with a village-fair-like atmosphere.

The entry fee covers the entertainment provided in the faux Rajasthani villager performers, numerous games, hookahs, and a traditional rural meal in their area too. Dinner begins with garlic condiment, jaggery, and also the famous choorma.


Must try famous Jaipur food

Dal Baati Churma

Bati could be a baked ball made up of flour that is then coated in drawn butter and eaten up with the dal. Churma could be a flaky sweet dish made up of flour that goes with the dish. Here are some of the places to do good and authentic Jaipur food.

Mawa Kachori

A kachori full of mawa and sugar syrup, this delicacy isn’t to be incomprehensible . it’s out there at all sweet shops. In Jaipur, try famed sweet shops like Rawat sweets and Kanji sweets close to the bus stand and at LMB, Johri Bazar.


A fried sweet dish, Ghewar is in great demand throughout festivals like Gangaur and Teej. It comes in varieties like plain, desi drawn butter and mawa. the most effective shops for this are LMB at Johri Bazar and Rawat Sweets.