Goa, the small state of India and situated on coastal of Arabian sea. The state is very rich in terms of tourism compare to other states of India. The mixed culture of the Portugal and Indian attracts the highest number of foreigners tourist to this coastal state every year. There are 52 beautiful beaches in the small state and foreigners can bee seen on every beach. We have shortlisted 5 best beaches in Goa for foreigners, which is very less hustle and bustle.

As per Goa tourism department, the total number of 6330744 tourists came to Goa, In which 680683 are foreigners and 5650061 are a domestic traveler.

Find out the list of best beach in Goa for foreigners

Ashvem Beach

Ashvem beach

Ashvem beach located in North Goa around 54 km away from Dabolim Airport. Ther silver sand, calm waters and less crowd, a perfect beach for sunbath and bikini wear. Ashwem also famous as a bikini destination in Goa, Most of the tourist come to the beach especially for bikini and topless sunbath.

Most of the domestic tourist don’t prefer to visit because it’s far away from central Goa like Baga and Calangute. The beach is popular among international tourist and counted in one of the best beach in Goa for foreigners.

Benaulim Beach

Goa best beaches

Benaulim beach located in South Goa and 17 km away from Dabolim international Airport. A beach is an ideal place for doing nothing and perfect for bikini wear. Benaulim is famous among European tourist and also a destination for bikini models.

The specialty of the beach is clear water and less crowd, even you can spot a starfish in the water. There are also some beach shacks are available to serve you tasty Goan dishes. Benaulim one of the best beach in Goa for foreigners.

Ozran Beach

Goa beaches for adults

Ozran beach is located in the North Goa and near to Vagator beach. The beach is 45 km away from Dabolim international Airport. Ozran also known as small Vagator beach, most of the crowd are foreigners. To reach the Ozran little bit tough, rocky and unpaved hills you have to cross to find the beautiful beach. Ozran one of the best beach in Goa for foreigners.

Ozran is also popular among foreigners as a topless beach in Goa. Most of the foreigners come to the beach for full body tanning, because of very less crowd of domestic travelers, you can freely wear a bikini or go topless without worrying, no one will be there to gloat at you.

Arambol Beach

best places to visit in Goa for couples

Arambol beach is located in the north Goa and 58 km away from Dabolim international Airport. The beach is still not modernized and you can see a natural beauty which remains same. The Arambol is very far from a crowded place like Baga and Calangute beach so most of the local crowd do not to prefer to visit the beach.

For accommodation in Goa, Arambol has lots of option for the foreigners’ tourist but if you want to experience the Goa best way, Choose one of the guest house. There is a cliff from the north of the beach, worth to visit and very picturesque views and this is not the last stop, move further and you will find a beautiful and small lake that is bounded by Sea. This beach is a perfect for relaxing and one of the best beaches in goa for foreigners. 

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