Mumbai Beach,  The Arabian Sea, the scene of the horizon, watching the glorious sunset and the sunrise, the white sands, all these makes the beaches in Mumbai certainly a fantastic sight and even more magical. In which top most 5 best beaches in Mumbai are Juhu beach, Aksa beach, Marin Drive and Chowpatty beach. 

Mumbai has few best beaches and a great place to witness how the locals spend their weekends evenings, enjoying every moment at the beach by walking around, having foods, tea, and coffee available at the nearby stalls serving mouth-watering dishes. Generally, people take a break from the muddled city life and spend a holiday at these beaches to lighten up with their friends and family. The currents at the beaches in Mumbai don’t seem so strong but during rain, there were reports of people dying from drowning, so it is sensible to evade getting in the water.

Whether you wish to go for a jog or just looking for a place to chill out, there is nothing better option than to visit Mumbai’s popular beaches! So, make a trip to Mumbai’s stunning beaches, experience the scenic beauty and give in to the serene ambiance.

List of Top 5 Beaches in Mumbai


marin drive mumbai

Mumbai Marine Drive is a 3 km long, the C-shaped concrete road which widens north next to the coastline, structuring a natural bay. Outsizes hordes of people come to this place to walk along the gorgeous walkway and to view the eye-catching scene of the setting sun at the end of the day.

The lovely, attractive and wholly lined palm trees tender an alluring experience to its visitors. Marine Drive is also known as ‘Queen’s necklace or necklace road’ because throughout the night the street lights glow like diamonds from a higher elevation.

Like any other Beaches in Mumbai, it was also overfull with street vendors putting small stalls nearby and selling chai, bhel, chaat, pav-bhaji etc. You can also enjoy horse buggy riding in the area, and this will make your trip more pleasant on the necklace road.

Once you at Mumbai Marine Drive, your curiosity may rise to know the facts about Tetrapods. Well, these tetrapods are being placed in interconnecting design that let the incoming water waves to pass through them rather than against it thereby dropping the dislocation and force of the waves. You can find these kinds of Tetrapods not only at Marine Drive Mumbai but at other parts of the world too. Marine drive at night looks so stunning and counted in one of the best beaches in Mumbai.


Juhu beach mumbai

The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most-visited and famed Indian beaches and is a looked-for place for most film shootings. This beach is situated in ‘Ville Parle’ and is located roughly 18 km away from the city.

You can find eminent celebrities jogging around the beach as most of the celebrities reside near the Juhu Beach. Because of its calm and lovely atmosphere tourists from all over the world prefer to visit the beach not once but every time they visit Mumbai.

There are lots of other activities you can do when you visit the Juhu Beach like you can pamper yourself with the local foods being offered at various food stalls set up at the beach such as ‘Pani Puri’, ‘Bhel Puri’ and ‘Pav Bhaji’ etc. Also, there are many class restaurants serving seafood specialties. At nearby places, you can even find pubs and discotheques that are mainly preferred by today’s young generation.

For children’s, The ‘Gandhi Gram’ is located at the north end of the beach where they can enjoy playing sports like basketball, cricket and football, jogging, skipping, cycling are the other options. Horse and camel rides are also available at Juhu Beach and timing is 12 AM to 12 AM. Juhu beach to marine drive distance is around 29 Km via western express highway. Juhu Beach one of the more popular and best beaches in Mumbai.


chowpatty beach mumbai

Chowpatty Beach is located in the heart of the city and is another most famous beaches of Mumbai and is mainly popular for its local delicacies food. The scene of the magnificent sunsets view from this beach is worth to watch. All the beaches in Mumbai are different to each other characteristically. 

Mumbai Folks of all age-groups, come to spend few moments with their friends and families just to enjoy the beautiful nature of the beaches, the sea, white sand, splendid sky and the scenic beauty of the beach along with relaxing after a long, busy and exhausting day.

You can find beach hawkers selling balloons, toys and local food such as roasted peanuts, chat, tea etc. Juhu Chowpatty beach food is famous among tourists. Other interesting activities to experience while you at the beach is the camel and horse rides, merry-go-rounds, ferry wheels, gun shooting, street play, film shootings, and also fortune-tellers might capture your attention. Chowpatty beach timings don’t matter like other beaches in Mumbai. Chowpatty one of the best beaches in Mumbai for hanging out with your friends and loved one.

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Madh Island Beach is counted amongst one of the renowned tourist beaches in Mumbai and also one of the cleanest in the state and huge numbers of tourists visit the beach because of its calm atmosphere. This striking beach is in reality made of a bunch of small villages and farmlands located on the North-Western coast of Mumbai.

The coast is bordered by mangroves which are the main beauty of the beach and thus parts the beach from the mainland. People come here with their friends and families just to take a break from the busy Mumbai city life.

This serene beach is a perfect location for sumptuous parties put up by Mumbai’s privileged people. The shooting of Bollywood movies and serials have also been shot at this venue and if you are fortunate enough, you might get a glance of your much-loved superstar. Madh Island counted in top 5 beaches in Mumbai. 


The Versova beach of Mumbai is a charming beach and is an extension of the Juhu Beach detached by a creek and is situated on the border of Andheri. The Versova town is home to an outsize community of fishing folk known as ‘Kolis’ and watching the fishermen routing towards the sea to catch the fresh fish is amazing. This town is well-known for its fish market.

Apart from the picturesque beauty of the beach, massive rocks close to the beach act as a barrier to the village that protects the village from the huge waves of the endless Arabian Sea. Locals visit this beach to run off from their boring and routine dull work life just to get some moments of peace.

One can see the gigantic joyful celebrations of the Kolis ‘Coconut Day’ where coconut offerings are made to the God of the Sea. A celebration of festival Ganesh Chaturthi is also planned at this beach every year for bringing prosperity, happiness, and good health. Vasova also comes in the list of best beaches in Mumbai.

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Situated in the western suburbs of Malad in Mumbai and even if it is neighboring to the city Mumbai, it is unharmed by pollution, industrialization and active crowds. One can reach the Marve beach by bus, auto or taxis from Malad Railway Station. The beach is relatively smaller and its size is narrow. It is advisable not to go for a swim in this beach, due to its sinking sand and speedy currents of the sea.  

The thicket of cashew nut trees and stunning bungalows of Mumbai’s posh colony around the beach adds beauty to this beach. It also has an ancient Portuguese church near the beach and besides this one can see ‘INS Hamla’, an Indian Naval Base, next to this beach and enjoys seeing Jawans’ undergoing training. Marve counted in top 5 best beaches in Mumbai. 


aksa beach mumbai

Located in the north suburbs of Mumbai in the Aksa village and can be arrived at the destination by bus, autos or taxis from Malad and Borivali stations. You can find the beach neat and clean and has a peaceful location for your vacation in Mumbai. The chilly wind and the sunset captivate everybody’s attention who visits the beach. 

It is not frequented by tourists but very popular place among young lovers and couples and at the dusk one can enjoy long walks, holding hands, besides the plants and trees on one side and the sea on the other, while walk on the beach one could find a huge mixture of shells and snails on the beach.

The beach surrounds with many cottages and hotels supposed to rent out to the tourists and visitors and the coast has some good mouth-watering snacks stalls to quench out one’s longing for foods. Aksa Beach one of the best beaches in Mumbai.

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