The Baba Baidyanath Dham one of the holiest place in India and Baba Dham Mandir located in Deoghar district of Jharkhand, India. Baidyanath Dham is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The Complex of Deoghar temple is consisting other 21 temples of others God and Jyotirlingas installed in one of the main Temple.

According to Hindu Religion beliefs, The Evil King Ravana has Austerity for long period of years and offered his head one by one of his 9 heads from the 10 for making him happy, After that Lord Shiva came and boon him a Jyotirlinga.

Complete details about Baidyanath Dham, Baba Dham Mandir, and Gangaajal

Deoghar temple Complex

deoghar temple

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Tips: Remember the main temple of Baba Baidyanath Dham has only one gate for In and out. 

Details about Deoghar Temple and Jyotirlingas


There are 22 temples on the same campus of Baba Baidyanath Dham Temple. As per belief, The Temple was constructed by Lord Vishwakarma, who is the architect of God. The Temple height is 72 feet, lotus shape, and east facing with only one door for entrance and exit. To reach the temple, you have to pass through three entrances.

Read carefully  – Guide for Kanwariya

Must carry the below material during Kanwar yatra 

  1. A Kanwar
  2. Two water – pots
  3. A match box and a packet of Agarbatti (incense sticks)
  4. A bag
  5. A carpet and two sheets (Chadar)
  6. A piece of plastic cloth
  7. Two pairs of saffron – colored dresses
  8. A torch and a few candles
  9. A towel
  10. Required money

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Maintain cell (Brahmacharyacharya)
  2. Remember Lord Shiva by keeping mind, heart, and speech pure
  3. Speak the truth
  4. Be inspired by charity and service
  5. Take bath before taking the Kanwar
  6. Recite Bam – Bam
  7. Do not use oil and soap
  8. Must be shoes less
  9. Do not take any article made of leather
  10. To avoid dogs. (dogs should not be touched)


The Holy route from Sultanganj to Baba Dham Mandir

Baba Ajgaibinath (Sultanganj) to Kamrai 6 km
Kamrai to Masumganj 2 km
Masumganj to Asarganj 5 km
Asarganj to Rangaon 5 km
Rangaon to Tarapur 3 km
Tarapur to Madhodih 2 km
Madhodih to Rampur 5 km
Rampur to Kumarsar 8 km
Kumarsar to Vishwakarma Tola 4 km
Vishwakarma Tola to Mahadev Nagar 3 km
Mahadev Nagar to Chandan Nagar 3 km
Chandan Nagar to Jilebia More 8 km
Jilebia More to Tageshwar Nath 5 km
Tageshwar Nath to Suiya 3 km
Suiya to Shivalok 2 km
Shivalok to Abrakhia 6 km
Abrakhia to Katoria 8 km
Katoria to Lakshman Jhula 8 km
Lakshman Jhula to Inaravaran 8 km
Inaravaran to Bhulbhulaiya River 3 km
Bhulbhulaiya River to Goryari Inn 5 km
Goryari Inn to Patania Inn 5 km
Patania to Kalakatia Inn 3 km
Kalakaua to Bhutbangla 5 km
Bhutbangla to Darshaniya 1 km
Darshaniya to Baba Baidyanath Temple 1 km


Know the reason why we all offer Gangaajal to Lord Shiva in Shravan Month

According to Hindu beliefs, The custom of Kanwar was started in “Treta Yug”. Lord Rama was the first who carried Gangaajal from Sultanganj to Baba Dham Mandir. As per the story, When Ocean was churning (Samudra Manthan), 14 different types of rubies came out. All the 13 was divided between Sur and Dev Gan but last was Halahal (Poison). After All God and Evil request, Lord Shiva drank all poisons and stored in his throat. To reduce the effect of Poison, Lord Shiva put the crescent moon on his head.

Importance of Bol-Bam

The word Bol-Bam word is associated with Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. When Kanwaria begins the yatra from Sultanganj to Deoghar temple, all the devotees start chanting the Bol Bam, Bol Bam, and Bol Bam. The word Bol Bam gives an extra ordinary energy to all of them who chant this word.